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Bridging rudimental skills and drumset artistry

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Rudimental Greatness

We've partnered with The United States Association of Rudimental Drummers (USARD) to give you a strong rudimental foundation.

  • Sustaining Membership in USARD
  • The best rudimental instructors at your fingertips
  • Expert Rudimental Series 
  • Samples of Grooving through the Rudiments and Possible Chops
  • Scheduled Live Sessions USARD Performance Series
$40 / year

Funk Up That Paradiddle

Apply your rudimental knowledge with guidance from our Groove Professor, Larry Finn, as he leads you on an explorative tour of grooves to ignite your creativity on the drumset.

  • Approaches to Apply Rudiments to Grooves
  • Supplemental Groove Play-Alongs
  • Scheduled LIVE sessions with the Groove Professor
$9.99 / month

Your Drumming Heaven

Take it to the next level and utilize your rudimental knowledge to enhance control, speed, and creativity on the drumset.

  • Advanced Drum Set Chops from some of the top Drumset players in the world
  • Slow-motion Overdubs
  • Detailed Explanations from the Creator of Possible Chops
  • Scheduled LIVE Sessions with guest artists
$9.99 / month

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Whether you're a beginner just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to connect with other drummers, we've got you covered. 



Apply your rudimental skills to the drumset.  Learn from pros who marched how to transfer all that practice into drumset skills so you can play in a band.



Wish you had better hands.  Faster chops?  Learn from the best rudimental drummers and build your hand-speed, technique and control.

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Join our community and gain access to a wealth of resources, including drumming tutorials, live sessions from instructors, and an extensive library of drumming content.

Connect with other drummers from around the world, share your knowledge and experience, and learn from others in the community. 

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